September 22, 2014, make a wish!

Make a wish and it will come true! The new social network allows you to share the gifts you would like to be given. If you wish specific presents for your birthday, wedding, Christmas or your newborn baby, just add them to your wish list. Or the other way around: maybe you don't know what to give to a friend who has it all. I’ll illustrate it with an example. P. wants to give me a special piece of clothing, but he doesn’t know what to pick. I’ve selected some pieces (a moto jacket, a clutch, a boho ring...) and made a wish list on Now he only has to choose from my wishes. Too easy!

Let’s get started!

1. Sign up for the social network to share your wish lists. Visit  #fashion #blogger

You will be sent an e-mail to confirm your registration. Go to your profile (My Wisher) and upload an avatar, if desired, and fill in your details.

2. Invite your friends, family or partner to join

Click on “Recomiéndanos” and send an invite to your friends. You can also check out if they have already joined Click on “Buscar usuarios” and introduce her/his name.

3. Add items to your wish list.

There are two ways to add them:

a)    If the website has the clipper, just click on it.

b)   From, click on “AÑADIR NUEVO DESEO” (pink button), name your wish and copy the URL, then click on “Añadir nuevo deseo” (green button). Done!

You can add as many products as you wish. Every wish can be edited, deleted or commented on. Your friends can also comment on and keep a wish for themselves (clicking on "Me lo pido" button) . You will learn that your wish have been granted, but not by whom.

Let me know if you join and ask any doubt. I’m certain you will love it. Find below the radio interview to founder, María Eugenia de Ceclia (in Spanish). Have a wonderful week!

Jasmine x

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                                            ------- ¡pide un deseo!

¡Pide un deseo y se hará realidad! La nueva red social te permite compartir los regalos que deseas que te hagan. Si quieres regalos concretos para tu cumpleaños, boda, Navidad o tu bebé, simplemente añádelos a tu lista de deseos. O quizás no sabes qué regalarle a ese amigo que tiene de todo. Voy a poner un ejemplo muy sencillo. P. quiere regalarme algo especial, pero no sabe qué escoger. He seleccionado varias prendas (una cazadora motera, un clutch, un anillo boho...) y creado una lista de deseos en Lo único que tiene que hacer es escoger uno de mis deseos. ¡Súper fácil!

Crea una lista de deseos en tres pasos:

1. Regístrate en 

Te van a enviar un correo para confirmar el registro. Ve a tu perfil “My Wisher” y sube un avatar, si quieres, y rellena tus datos.

2. Invita a tus amigos, familia o pareja a unirse a

Pincha en “Recomiéndanos” y envía una invitación. Puedes también comprobar si ya se han unido a Pincha en “Buscar usuarios” y teclea su nombre.

3. Añade productos a tu lista de deseos.

Hay dos formas de hacerlo:

a)    Si la web tiene el botón clipper de, simplemente pincha en él.

b)   En, pincha en “AÑADIR NUEVO DESEO” (botón rosa), ponle un título, copia la URL y pincha en “Añadir nuevo deseo” (botón verde). ¡Ya está!

Puedes añadir tantos productos como quieras. Todo deseo se puede editar, borrar o comentar. Tus amigos también pueden comentar y concederte un deseo (pinchando en el botón "Me lo pido"). Sabrás que se te ha concedido un deseo, pero no quién lo ha hecho.

Dime si te has unido a y consúltame cualquier duda que tengas. Estoy segura de que te va a encantar. Te dejo la entrevista en Radio Donosti a la creadora de, María Eugenia de Cecilia:

¡Feliz semana!

Jasmine x

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  1. Looks a good idea if the person who is going to make you a present knows about it.
    Have a nice week!
    Stella from a A Shiny Place

  2. Thats a cool idea sweetie, thanks for sharing:) Have a lovely week:)

  3. This is such a great idea! Definitely going to sign up, thanks for sharing jasmine :) and hope you enjoy the rest of your week! X
    |Life as a Petite || Fashion, Crafts & Lifestyle Blog|

  4. I have been looking for something like this for so long especially with my 21st birthday coming up I need to take advantage of this! xxx

    Blonde of Carbs

    1. Haha! Hope you like it. I think it's very useful on special occasions ♥

  5. Hola preciosa Jasmine,
    Me parece genial
    Voy a ver la web
    Gracias por compartirlo
    Un beso
    Maggie D.
    The Indian Savage Diary Fashion blog

  6. thanks for the tip!


  7. Hola Jasmine! Tienes un blog precioso y he apuntado tu link para seguirte.
    Ahora voy a a visitar la web y hacer mi wishlist :)
    Muchas gracias por el comentario en mi blog!

  8. this would be useful yes :)

  9. What an amazing idea! Makes choosing gifts a no-brainer!

    Bella Pummarola

  10. Wow this is such a cool idea and one that I haven't of before. It's always hard thinking of presents fro friends and family and it's slightly annoying having to ask them too, because then it's not a surprise either. I will certainly look at setting this up and then hopefully I'll finally get the things I want too! ha ha.

  11. Dear Jasmine,this is really such a great idea, I thank you so much for sharing! Like Colleen it's always a challenge for me to find presents for my family and friends :) This has now an end!

    xx from Germany/Bavaria, Rena

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    1. Thanks, Rena, for commenting. I love to give presents, but I find it difficult with some people. So, it's great if they share their likes. Have a great week xx

  12. Wow, that is such a great idea.. very smart too! Thanks a lot for sharing :)

    Take care always, love Christine ~ xx

  13. good idea Jasmine! by the way thanks for your lovely comment in my blog... :)
    would you like to follow each other..? follow me and let me know :) i will follow you back, keep in touch! - Glam is Everything


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